Fluorescent Bulbs

An Understanding.

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A Brief Overview

Fluorescent Bulbs aren't just 1 type of light as you might think, they're actually a family of light sources. This family includes; Cold Cathode, Hot Cathode & Electroluminescent but Electroluminescent is less related to fluorescence than the other two. Fluorescent bulbs are used primarily as lights.

How Do They Work?

Both types of Fluorescent light work by ionizing mercury vapour in the tube. The evaporation causes the electrons in the vapour to emit photons that exist on UV Frequencies. Because we can't see on UV levels, there is a phosphor based coating inside of the tube that holds the vapour.

History of the Appliance

The Fluorescent lamp wasn't a single persons creation, rather many individuals ideas that were constantly improved upon. The history of the Fluorescent Lamp dates all the way back to 1856.


The cost of a single fluorescent light bulb is around $11.00 but the price varies from store to store. Compare that to the price of a single regular bulb (¢75) the price differential is huge.


  • Energy Efficient.
  • Low cost of production.
  • Long tube life.
  • Diffused Light for the best general lighting.


  • Fluorescent Bulbs emit a constant flicker, this can be irritating.
  • Diffused light, meaning it is not good for focus light only area lighting.
  • Mercury in the ballasts.
  • Poorly made ballasts can create a frequency that disturbs others electronics.