Red Sand Beach

By: Xavier Hambleton

Geography of the red sand beach

This particular red beach is not located on the North American continent, but is apart of the United States. 20.7522 degrees north and 155.9818 degrees west, can you guess where its located now? How about Hawaii? Hawaii has a lot of beautiful places for sight seeing, and the red sand beach just happens to be one of them.
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What makes the sand red?

If you've been to Hawaii before i'm sure you have noticed most of the wild dirt is red. what i mean by "wild dirt" is dirt that hasn't been disturbed much by human activity. The sand turns red because of the dirt crashing down on top of the sand after the years. This beach is more like a cove, and there is high ground right above the beach so landslides are normal.
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why is this beach famous?

Why wouldn't a red sand beach be famous? This beach is famous for its beautiful area and they red sand. the waves are never to big, but always a nice size because of the cove it rests in. The water is clean, deep, clear, and just outstanding. I know the next time i go to Hawaii, i'm going here!
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