Redmon Classroom News

January 2016

Dates to Remember

January 8 Report Cards go home

January 14 Chick-fil-A spirit night

January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr holiday, no school

January 30 Gladiator spirit night

I Can Statements

Math: I can recognize and label all shapes, including all types of quadrilaterals and I can partition each shape into equal areas.

Reading: I can tell about fables, folktales, and myths and the lesson that goes with the story. I can identify the main indea of a story.

Word Work: I can use the roots mov, mot, mobile, graph, gram, and less and tell what they mean.

Social Studies: I can tell about Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, where they are from and their contributions to our country.

Science: I can explain what is a fossil and how they are formed.

Grammar: I can create and accurately use simple, compound, and complex sentenes.

Writing: I can write an imaginative narrative piece including the use of dialogue.

Classroom News

Many of the students in class are missing some supplies from the beginning of the year. Please check with your child and see if they need crayons or scissors.