Assistive Technology Built Into Mac


Having trouble seeing your screen? You aren't alone! That's why every Mac comes equipped with VoiceOver, a program that reads text, explains the features of a page or program, magnifies text, and highlights and dims text in order to focus one's vision. Found in your System Preferences under Universal Access, using this program could not be easier. Check out the short video below to see VoiceOver in action!

How to use VoiceOver on your Mac computer

How to use a Mac - Voice Over

How to access and customize VoiceOver for your iPad and iPod

Introduction to Apple VoiceOver

Where do I find VoiceOver?

1. Open your system preferences

2. Click on the Universal Access icon

3. Click "Open VoiceOver Utility"

4. Customize and explore!

How could VoiceOver be used in the classroom?

While VoiceOver was designed for individuals with low vision, this program could also be used with struggling readers. How many times has a teacher been in the computer lab and wished they could duplicate themselves to deal with all of the raised hands? Questions and comments arise like, "I don't know how to save! What does this say? What does this button do?" With VoiceOver, a child simply needs to put their curser over text or a button and the computer does the explaining.