Learning The Steps For Dividing

Dividing Multi Digit Numbers

1.think of a division problem for instance do 27 divided by 567

2.first think what is close to 56 but not over it like 54 to get 54 do 27 x 2

3.then subtract 54 and 56 and get a answer of 2

4.bring down the 7 next to the 2 from the answer

5.think again of a number close to 27 like 27 to get 27 do 27 x 1

6.subtract 27 and 27 to get 0 and now the answer to 27 divided by 567 is 21

7.but if there is a remainder just put r and then the extra number next to the answer

8.or add a decimal point and a zero and keep dividing until there is no remainder left

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