High School Special Ed Teacher

Karina Arteaga Period 1

Job Description

Special education teachers work with students who have learning, mental, emotional and physical disabilities. Special Ed teacher make sure lesson plans and teaching strategies meet the students’ needs. For students who have severe disabilities, they teach students independent living skills and communication skills

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accesses student knowledge and skills to determine strengths and needs.
  • Make lesson plans that adapt to the needs of special education plans.
  • Help develop IEP (Individualized Education programs)
  • Make sure students are getting the right service to complete their IEPs
  • Update IEP yearly.

Average hours/ Working schedule

  • A special Ed teacher works student hours when students are present.
  • They may have to schedule meetings after or before school to schedule meetings with parents.
  • Teachers also have to take some time to grade papers and do lesion plans.
  • A teacher works 10 months a year and have 2 moths of summer vacation.

Salary/Wage Potential

  • The average salary for High School Special Ed teacher is 54,810
  • Teachers salary can go up by the number of years and degrees they have.

Education Needed

You need a bachelors degree and a licence if you want to work in a public school, to earn the the license students must take a preparation class and have hours of student teaching.

Skills Required

To become a Special Ed teacher you will need good skills in communication so they can fully communicate with students and parents, creativity so they can provide creative lesson plans other required characteristics are critical-things skill, patience, and people skills

Job outlook/Growth

The job outlook will grow 17% by 2020. Its more than average jobs. Growth is due with the number of increasing students that develop disabilities.

Advancement Opportunities/Related Jobs

  • You can advance by becoming a mentor or leader in helping to those teachers with less experience. Or with additional education or certification, teachers could advance school counselors, school librarians, principle, or instructional coordinators.