Whale Shark

Johnny H.


The Whale Sharks live in shallow waters which is where fresh and salty water mix. That is called brackish.

What the Animals Look Like

The Whale Shark is a very large fish. It has white dots which are on its gray and brown skin.
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A Whale Shark's Diet

Whale Sharks are filter feeders. That means that they glide through water, and glides through water to eat food. It opens its mouth, glides through the water, and takes in water and all that is inside of it. For example, they can eat plankton and other small fish.
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Life Cycle of a Whale Shark

The first cycle: the egg is hatched in its mother.

The second cycle: the Whale Shark is born. It is called a pup.

The third cycle: it grows without the help of its mother

the fourth cycle: It is an adult Whale Shark

Fun Facts

-It is the biggest type of fish that live in the ocean. That means that they are the biggest type of fish!

-How would you tell if a Whale Shark is a shark, or a whale? The Whale Shark is actually a shark because it breathes through gills. People call them Whale Sharks because of its massive size.