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May 23, 2022

Yearbooks Available for Purchase

We have a limited number of yearbooks available for purchase. Please contact the office if you'd like to purchase one. They are $15, checks can be made out to Moran Elementary

Awards and Graduation

We are holding awards ceremonies to celebrate our students' hard work this year. Please check the schedule below. Parents are welcome to attend!

Kindergarten Graduation 5.26.22 12:30 PM

1st and 2nd Grade Awards 5.31.22 10 AM

3rd and 4th Grade Awards 5.31.22 1:45 PM

5th Grade Awards 6.1.22 2:00 PM

Summer Academies

We have a few spaces still left in Junior Foreign Language Academy and Visual Arts Academy! If you're looking for something fun for your child to do this summer, visit this link! Summer 2022 P-H-M Academies

Update on Student Lunches for Next School Year

The school meals program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, school corporations across the country have been operating with the use of a federal waiver that allowed them to feed every child for free through the end of this school year. The use of this waiver will not be available after this school year and corporations will return to the traditional eligibility requirements for free, reduced, and paid meals. This means that for school year 2022-2023, our school corporation will process free and reduced-price meal benefit applications.

The Food Services Department does have the ability to directly certify students who receive SNAP, TANF, some Medicaid, are certified as homeless, migrants, or are wards of the state (foster children). Households who are found to be directly certified will be notified by email of the free or reduced-price meal status prior to the start of school and will not need to complete an application.

Meal benefit applications will not be available until July 1. Applications received prior to July 1 will not be effective for the 2022-2023 school year. Households are encouraged to apply before the start of the school year to avoid unpaid meal charges.

Students who are not approved for free or reduced-price meal benefits before the start of the school year will be classified as paid status and meal charges and textbook fees may begin to accumulate starting the first day of school. Meal charges accrued before the approval of a meal benefit application will be the responsibility of the household.

You do NOT need to complete an application if:

  • You receive notification that your child(ren) is directly certified.
  • You know your household does not qualify for meal benefits. (Please have money in your child's account on the first day of school.)

To complete an application go to

Thank you,

Jill Riggs

Director of Food Service

Health Conditions, Care Plans, and IHPs...OH MY!

As the year is coming to an end, it is important that we stay on top of things to make our start for next year as soon as possible. We are here to make sure your child is taken care of the best they can be at school.

One way we can do this is by completing the paperwork that will be sent home. At the top you can see it states for the 2022-2023 School Year. This will be ok to keep for that year. If anything changes over the summer–please send a new copy for your child at the beginning of the school year. You can also keep it and turn it in at the beginning of the school year.

If your child will be going to the middle school, you have two options:

  1. Turn it in BEFORE Memorial Day weekend , May 27th to the elementary school and we can get it to the appropriate middle school.

    — or —

  2. Send it straight to the middle school that your child will go to.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at your child’s school. Because I do travel between schools, please call your child’s school and they will relay a message to me. You can also email me at Thank you so much for helping us get ahead and stay on top of your child’s health and safety!

5th Grade Immunizations

Middle School will be here before you know it!

These state mandated immunization requirements for all incoming 6th graders must be met before your child can attend Middle School in the fall of 2020:

  • 3 Hep B

  • 2 Hep A (a series of two vaccines separated by 6 months)

  • 2 Varicella

  • 5 DTaP

  • 1 Tdap (Tetanus & Pertussis)

  • 4 Polio

  • 1 MCV4 (Meningococcal conjugate)

  • 2 MMR

We suggest you make appointments now to get the needed immunizations while your child is still in 5th grade. The local health departments and area physicians are extremely busy in the spring and summer, as well as at the beginning of the school year.

When you submit documentation on time, you prevent interruption to the start of your child’s 2022-2023 school year. Once your child receives the shots listed above, please send in documentation to the school health office. We will record the information and send it to the appropriate middle school!

*Note: Some physicians will not give the doses until the child has reached the 11th birthday. Since your child is now 11, they are eligible to receive these immunizations now!

Thank you for working with us to keep your children healthy! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Health Office.

eLearning Chromebooks - Time to return!

Hopefully we've seen our last snow for this school year! It is time to return any chromebooks checked out for eLearning. Please be sure to bring in the chromebook AND the charger!
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Summer Kids Club

Looking for child care this summer? Check out our Summer Kids Club program! There is a location at Walt Disney and Northpoint Elementary Schools. Click here for more information!

Kids Club for Next School Year

Don't wait until August if you know your student needs Kids Club next year! Make sure to sign your child up now so you have a

Optional: At-Home COVID-19 Tests Available

We have received a limited amount of FREE At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits. They will be avaliable for pick up in the office on a first-come, first-served basis.

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