I'llNeverGetOut ofThisWorldAlive

By:Steve Earle

Steve Earle - Waitin' On The Sky


T Bone Burnett is a interesting character to me he seems like he is like the manager of the show behind the curtain.

Steve Earle

Earle's protagonist, Doc Ebersole, is an unlicensed medic struck off as a result of his rapacious morphine habit
The setting of the story changes as Doc are driving around tripping on hallucinogens and giving Mexican prostitutes abortions
Cheese and wine baby just some cheese and wine!

The album

The story is based around the creation of the album named the same by Steve Earle tracklist includes

1."Waitin' on the Sky" 3:28

2."Little Emperor" 2:58

3."The Gulf of Mexico" 4:15

4."Molly-O" 3:20

5."God Is God" 3:59

6."Meet Me in the Alleyway" 4:25

7."Every Part of Me" 2:51

8."Lonely Are the Free" 3:23

9."Heaven or Hell" 3:26

10."I Am a Wanderer" 2:53

11."This City"

Earles's book shows his time as a artist and how he had a jail term for drugs and firearms and at the age of 56 he settled into his seventh marriage. He joins Kinky Friedman and Rosanne Cash on a path of his music career.

the story includes a narrative of Doc meeting John F Kennedy in a dream before his fatal appearance at Dallas Texas before he was murdered.
The book is a twist on Country music to a drug frenzied journey that i could relate to being like the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.