Christmas Carol

By Charles Wanous

Why you should read this

You should go read the Christmas carol graphic novel because it has pictures, it is shorter, and it is not boring to read. First there are pictures to see the characters better. Secondly it is shorter and easier to understand than the book because there aren't as many challenging words. Finally the graphic novel is not as boring as the hard copy book. In conclusion the graphic novel has illustrations, it is not as long, and it is fun to read.


Scroodge has made some sacrifices in the Christmas carol like having to give up some of his money to buy food and to pay for his house. I have made some sacrifices too, for example I had to sell my xbox 360 so I could have enough money to buy an Xbox one. Secondly I have made a sacrifice by spending money to buy my little sister a Christmas gift. Finally I have made a sacrifice by giving up half my candy bar to my friend so we could share it. In conclusion, Scrooge and I have made some sacrifices by giving up things we love.