By: katarina McConnell

what is a hurricane

What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a dangerous storm. Hurricanes can kill thousands of peaple each year. Hurricanes can damage houses, trees, buildings, and power lines. The hurricane scale is 1-5; one is the weakest and five is the strongest and most dangerous.

Famous Hurricane Katrina

There are many dangerous hurricanes. One of them was hurricane Katrina. On august 23,2005 hurricane Katrina formed. Hurricane Katrina made landfall on miamidane / droward country line. Hurricane Katrina caused 10 to 14 inches of rain over Florida. Hurricane Katrina also made hurricane conditions occur over southern florida. 1200 people or more died because of hurricane Katrina.

Formation And Strength Of Hurricanes

Hurricanes form over water that are 80 degrees of higher. For a hurricane to form the air also has to cool off quicker the higher you go, and the wind has to be blowing the same way and the same speed to force the air upward from the ocean surface. Hurricanes gain strength by warm ocean air. Hurricanes weaken because there isnt much water on land.

Categoring and Naming

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane wind scale is used to categorize hurricanes. Wind speeds determine the category of a hurricane. They are named by a strict procedure by an international committee. In 1979, female and male names were added to the list.


1.) 74- 95 mph

2.) 96- 110 mph

3.) 111- 129 mph

4.) 130- 156 mph

5.) 157 mph or higher


What you should of learned in this article is that hurricanes are very dangerous, so if a hurricane comes to your area please get to safe grounds. Thank you for reading.