By Johnny 8th

How is this reasourse formed and how is it used

it is used to heat peoples houses

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages are

*its easily transported to parts of the world

*coal can be used to give our homes power

The disadvantages are

*non renewable and fast depleting

*and create unstoppable damage to the environment

coal is veary distructive

How is coal a natural resource used?

Fossil fuels which include coal, oil, and natural gas are non renewable because it takes about millions of years to form. Once we use them it will soon be gone. Many power plants use fossil fules and that is what they use to power your houses

Where is this reasourse found most abundantly

They have a coal mine located in pisalvainia where the coal is most abundant and it has the longest history....

Are there any harmful effects to the Earth from creating or using this resource?

Coal has the most uncontrolable damage to ecosystems