The Help

the contest

you are invited to help out at the church off the dirt road (shadys home) and we will pray and bless god and then we will have a speech in what bad has happen in your life and we will try to help u get throught that tought time. Hopefully you can make it! It is on saturday!!!!
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This is Trinaty with your channel 5 news!

What brought you to the garden?

Because my girlfriend loves tomatoes and i wanted to do something nice for her.

How did you find a garden?

I walked through the the streets when i found a garden with empty lots so i can plant.

Why did you move from cincinnati?

I missed cleveland and everything about it,cincinnati felt wierd.

Why are you so bond of your body?

Because i enjoy working out and showing it off.

What do you see in lateesh that you dont see in anybody else?

I think she is loyal, and kind, she has a special part in her that no one else has.

What did you do with the garden?

I planted tomatoes for my true love.

What main event happened between you and lateesha?

we had a disagreement that went to far.

Why did you plant tomatoes?

because they ment a lot to lateesha so i wanted to suprise her.