Greece Travel Guide

By: Pacey, Lucas, Cameron, and Jacob

Greece's Geography

Our summers aren't very hot, but don't forget to pack some short sleeves.

We have famous landmarks such as Mount Olympus, Parthenon, as well as the Acropolis.

Greece is mostly made up of mountains stretching to the ocean with lots of islands.

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Greece's History

Greece was originated around 2000 BC

The Greek War of Independence began in 1821 to 1827. During that time, Great Britain,

France and Russia.

The Trojan War started in 1194-1184 BC. At that time, the war has been going on for 10 years. Odysseus brought the famous Trojan Horse with many people in it. They sent it as a gift to Troy, the defending city. They accepted it and the surprise attack ended the war.

Right now, Greece has as Constitutional Government and the current president is Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

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