Feeding Schedules/Bottle Feeding

Brittney Pinkston

Why is it important?

It measures how much they drink to see if they are drinking too little or too much and if there is a problem. It gives the father a chance to interact with the baby too. Also it doesn't alter the mothers diet so she can eat what she wants.

Textbook Info

The baby should be fed frequently because the newborn can only drink so much. They should drink every three to four hours for the first few weeks on bottle feeding. You show use steriled water and wash the bottle in dishwasher with hot water. They can be prepared 24 hours ahead and stored in the refrigerator. Have the bottle milk warm too. Don't heat in microwave. Support the head for the first few months and in a semi- upright position. Don't lay baby in crib or by itself when feeding.
Bottle Feeding Tips for Reducing Colic : All About Baby Feedings