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Thursday 13th March 2014

Dear Area 31 Entrepreneurs and Friends

This week we are jammed packed with events in Area 31! We hope you come out and join us. We are having a special Social Venture Network that will focus on social innovation and entrepreneurship. There will be a SEO Masters Course given by Clever Consulting for those of you into WordPress. Those of you startups looking for a developer Beta Beers is a must, over 80 developers will be in attendance. Idea Foster will have a special presentation to introduce their new project. We are also are having our Monthly Area 31 Get Together. From the blog we have a very inspiring post from Daniel Pulaski about Emzingo which is a great read!


Area 31 Monthly Get Together

Monday 17th March 2014


Location: Area 31

This is the monthly get together of the startups in the Incubator in Area 31. At this gathering the entrepreneurs will share their achievements and challenges of the past month and find opportunities to work together and inspire each other.

Idea Foster

Tuesday 18th March 2014


Location: Area 31

A new way to understand ideas in the digital space is to be unveiled after a year of preparation. You've got a project and can't make it come true because you lack knowledge, experience or talent? Here we come to rescue. We're kicking-off with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and México. Join us to gain insights about the project, meet the founders and relevant people invited. Two serial entrepreneurs and mentors of the IE Venture Marcos Eguillor and Javier Latorre are together with other partners such as Pau García-Miláor Maximiliano Masucci, behind this new project. Learn more

SEO Master Course

Wednesday 19th March 2014


Location: Area 31

This SEO Masters Course will focus on SEO copywriting. With lessons on tools for choosing and searching keywords as well as writing techniques for headlines and body text. You will also get to learn about image compression and labels as well as rich content such as PDFs and much much more. This course is for word press users. Those who want to participate and have never used word press should open a blog or website and see a couple of tutorials on the internet before attending the course. Register here.

Social Venture Network

Thursday 20th March 2014


Location: Area 31

This is a special edition of our weekly pitching slam in Area 31 focused on Social Innovation. After the pitches, stick around and have a beer with us and network with investors and entrepreneurs. Learn more here

Beta Beers Madrid

Friday 21 March 2014


Location: Area 31

More than 80 developers will come to Area 31 for the monthly meeting of Beta Beers. This is a great opportunity for startups looking for a developer. One of the startups presenting, Tyba, was founded by IE University students. Learn more and register here

Entrepreneurial Management Course

Saturday 22 March 2014


Location: Area 31

This is a private course taught by Prof. Gema Sotoca for the Global MBA Weekly program.


Meet the Startups in Area 31: Emzingo

IE Alumni Daniel Pulaski blogs about Emzingo a startup who facilitates personal development through social impact around the world. Read More


The use of Area 31 as a coworking space will be limited during the following days:

  • Tuesday, March 18, 18:30-19:30, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Friday, Mar 21st, 19:00-20:30, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Saturday, Mar 22nd, 12:00-15:00, half of the space will be available for coworking
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