Secondary Spotlight

February 7, 2016

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Whether you are a Broncos or Panthers fan, the game of football is always exciting! Both teams have had great seasons, and it is a reflection of teamwork and leadership. Although different areas of work, this is directly to related to the success of schools and student achievement. Your leadership is invaluable. Stick with it, be relentless, focus on the student achievement end zone, kick the extra point for ALL students, embrace first downs, reflect on the fourth downs and readjust your plays through planning with your team! "Team Students" are the winners ~ when your students win the game... do a little dabbing ;-)


Have a great week of learning,


Secondary Reminders

Honors and AP List of Identified Students: Julie Summers sent each of you a list list of students identified for honors/ AP courses. If you have not reviewed the list and replied to Julie, please do so. There will be two letters sent to students: 1) a recruitment letter for identified students and 2) a retention letter for first time students in honors courses. Letters need to be sent to students. If you have any questions, please email Julie.

Career Readiness Month- February is Career Readiness Month. Please give a shout out to the students who are enrolled in a career academy and celebrate the programs in your school. February 18th, Shelton Cobb and Susan Moon will be presenting to the board, giving an update on our career programs.

Teacher and Department Growth Plans ( Finley's schools due Feb. 12)- Please remember that your plans are due February 12th. I plan on getting a shared folder on Sharepoint so that you can upload your plans. This will allow you to edit as needed without emailing back and forth. For department plans, I highly recommend using a SMART goal. Each department should have a SMART goals based on your school goal. If not, this is a opportune time to do so as well as massage the SMART goals you developed for your school. Perhaps, including your self- monitoring into your SMART goals to minimize the number of plans you have. I know that you have a lot of goals. Keep it simple. I am glad to help- just let me know.

Secondary Support- please email me with the supports that secondary can provide. Please remember we have district curriculum specialists and curriculum -based lead teachers that can support instructional needs.

Math Focus- during your next meeting with your math department team, ask for their input on Math Xl. Usage reports show that schools are not using this resource.

Upcoming Events

February 5th - Probationary Reviews were due. Thanks to all for turning this in on time!

February 8- Progress reports go home

February 9- i Register Planning Session 3:30 HHS Freshman Academy;

ACT WORK KEYS for 12th grade

February 9- Honors/ AP presentation at James A.Lane Boys and Girls Club; 6:00 PM- District AP Ambassadors will share their AP stories

February 12- Department and Teacher Growth Plans due; BUILT IN SNOW DAY- possibly no school

February 12- Middle School Round table lunch - 11:00 AM at Phil Sandovals

February 17- HIGH SCHOOLS- LIFE PE Waivers due to Secondary Programs- if you are uncertain if your waivers have expired or will expire, please contact Latasha.

February 18th- Board meeting

February 19- High School Principal Round Table at Columbia High School; 8:45-10:30 AM. (March round table will be held at HCT.)

February 23, 25 - FAFSA nights at Johnson and HHS

February 24- Graduation Planning meeting with principals and senior counselors, 2:30-3:30 - Merts

February 27 - i Register for rising 6th through 12th grade- VBS 10:00-2:00

Instructional Resources

Math Coherence- sharing this website...

PLCs- how are your PLCSs developing? Please remember to visit There are so MANY resources that will assist you in developing a TRUE PLC. Is your school at TRUE PLC or PLC "Light"? Beth Keller and I attended the PLC Summit and had the opportunity to hear Dr. DuFour. We believe in turning around the take aways from conferences. If you are interested in having am after -school dinner to discuss, please let me know.

My personal experience with a TRUE PLC- it will CHANGE your school by building teacher leadership and capacity and most importantly, increasing student achievement for ALL students!! Many of you know Ray Landers. He led a low performing, high poverty school in Boaz, Alabama. He implemented a TRUE PLC, and his school become one of the highest performing schools in the state. We can invite him to share his process as well!

Thought for the Week:

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." ~ Vince Lombardi