Tech and Study

The effects of technology on students Study.

Thesis Statement

The spread of technology have both a positive and negative affect on students studies around the world.


  • When searching results using online resources such as Google or Bing Students a large number of students tend to get sidetracked from links and advertisements that peak their interest, (Islam, Madiha).
  • When taking classes online the students internet connection can become easily disrupted and interfere with their studies, (Islam, Madiha).
  • At times there is so much technology and information that it will overwhelm younger students causing them to quickly become confused and forget their original intention, (Demski, Jeniffer).


  • Students being taught to use tablets are becoming accustomed to and familiarize the uses they can have in the work place, (DeNisco, Alison).
  • It has been becoming easier for teachers to monitor the students and keep them on track to minimize their habits of going off track in the lesson, (DeNisco, Alison).
  • There are applications that can be used to make education more efficient and fun for the student maximizing their experience, (DeNisco, Alison).
  • With the ability to chat using cameras a student can attend a lesson while ill or un able to make it to class for reasons beyond their control, (Islam, Madiha).

What To Use and The Effects

  • With tablets a teacher can monitor and control what a student sees and does thanks to the majority offering parental control functions, (DeNisco, Alison).
  • The weakness of computers though is that a teacher would have a harder time keeping track of what students are doing, (Demski, Jeniffer).
  • Computers are the better device for use by students taking online courses because of their ability to multitask while tablets are commonly more linear devises, (Islam, Madiha).


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