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Launch Virtual Academy - September 7, 2021

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Through this newsletter we will provide you with up-to-date information regarding Launch Virtual Academy. One of our goals is to maximize opportunities for our students. We believe that communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Thank you for being part of Launch Academy!

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Meet Launch Academy New Administration Members

Dr. Jesus L Ulloa-Higuera (Principal)

Hello Launch Academy!

I am honored to lead our school - I am an electrical engineer turned into a public bilingual (Spanish) STEM educator. I have 20+ years in public education in different roles; instructional assistant, classroom teacher, robotics coach, assistant principal, district administrator, and summer school principal. My previous role was SUHSD STEAM programs coordinator.

I have been involved with Launch Academy since its conception and last year, I acted as a Co-Director for the school. I am very familiar with our school's operations and I also know our opportunities for improvement. I aspire to use my experience, skills, and abilities to motivate, encourage and drive students to become curious life-long learners. Developing critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, collaboration, communication and effective presentation skills.

Learn more about me HERE.

Ms. Courtney Quinn (Assistant Principal)

Hello Launch Virtual Academy!

To say that I am ecstatic to be a part of the LVA staff is an understatement. I have been a part of the Sweetwater Union High School District as an educator for seventeen years, I have served as a teacher, Coordinator of Integration Services, Restorative Practice Specialist and am trained in Trauma Informed Care. I have been an administrative designee, served as an SUHSD Induction Mentor, and am on numerous district committees. I hope to bring my experience in working with the community, staff, and of course, students here to LVA and support the needs of our Launch Family.

I strive to root my work, decision making, and passion in what I believe is truly best for all students in order to provide them the best and most equitable education possible. I look forward to serving our Launch Academy students, staff and families.

Ms. Norma Flores (Administrative Assistant)

Hello Launch Virtual Academy!

I have been with SUHSD since 2004. I have had many different roles in Sweetwater, including attendance assistant, assistant principal secretary, register and assesment techician. I am excited to join the Launch Family and look forward to help staff, students and our community to thrive.

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This is Week 8 of Quarter 1

We are weeks away from ending our first quarter!

Students - your goal is to complete your assigned classes the week of September 13. Attend your LIVE Academic Sessions! Meet with your teachers during their office hours if you need support. Work in your class content. You can do it!

Q&A About Ending Quarter 1

1. What happens if I don't finish a class?

It is important to remember that one quarter class at Launch Academy is equivalent to a one semester class at a comprehensive school. In a comprehensive school, if you don't finish your class by completing the assigned school work you could get a grade of "F". At Launch we understand that you need more time to complete the class. If you don't finish a class, you will not receive a failing grade and you will have an opportunity to complete the missing work during breaks (Fall, Winter, and Spring). However, by the end of the quarter, if you don't finish a class it will reported as "NCP" which means non credit due to pandemic. The "NCP" grade does not have a negative impact on your transcript and allows you to continue working on completing the class at Launch or at any SUHSD summer school.

2. What classes will I take on Quarter 2?

You will start fresh with 3 new courses. For example, if you are a 7th grader and you took the following classes during quarter 1; English 7A, World Cultures 7A, and General Science 1A. You will take Physical Education 7A, Math 7A, and an elective. All classes taken during quarters 1 & 2 are Semester A equivalent classes. At Launch we want you to complete at least the same amount of credits/classes (6) by the end of the semester (Quarter 1 & Quarter 2) and the same amount of credits/classes at the end of the school year (12) just as if you were enrolled in a comprehensive school.

If you have questions reach out our Counseling Team

Message for Seniors @Launch

Welcome Seniors – Class of 2022 to Launch Academy!!

This is going to a busy year for all of you; applying for colleges and universities, financial aid, deciding what career to pursue and planning for graduation. In order to support your future plans, the administration and counselors here at Launch Academy need to make some adjustments so college application and financial aid filing will be stress free for you and your family.

As you are aware, this is only Launch Academy’s second year. In order for Launch to be an official school recognized by colleges and universities, the school needs to receive its accreditation certification. We are in the process of doing that. We have already completed the initial steps and are waiting for the team visit and recommendations. Unfortunately, this takes time and though we expect Launch Academy to be fully accredited by the end of November, it will be at the same time as the college admissions filing period which ends November 30th.

It is our top priority that you are able to apply to colleges/universities without obstacles, expect email communication from us in the coming days with details on how you will complete college applications and financial aid filing.

You have great future ahead of you!

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What Are We Working On?

  • Quarter 2 Student Schedules (Master Schedule).
  • Identifying/Hiring more teachers.
  • Identifying/Hiring tutors.
  • Defining a system for Academic Progress Reports to include course percentage progress and grade at the time of the report.
  • Alternative Household Income Applications.
  • Scheduling IEP and 504 Meetings with students, parents, teachers, and administration.
  • WASC Accreditation.
  • College Board Accreditation.
  • Trainings for students, teachers, and parents regarding Launch Academy platforms.
  • Organizing Parent & Student Groups (SSC, ELAC, DELAC, and DEPAC).
  • Student School ID Cards.
  • Athletic Eligibility.

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We Need Your Participation

Alternative Household Income Forms

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This form was emailed to all parents on Friday, September 3rd. Please fill this form out ASAP. If you do not receive the email you can access the form using Infinite Campus.

  • Click HERE for directions in English
  • De click AQUI para instrucciones en EspaΓ±ol

School Site Council

If interested please fill click on the link and fill in the form below.

District Parent Advisory Committee and District English Language Advisory Committee

Upcoming English Language Advisory Committee Meetings

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Launch Academy Systems

Launch Counseling Services

Do you have questions about your schedule? Do you need information about graduation requirements? Would you like to know what classes will benefit you the most based on your personal interests and aspirations? Do you need to talk to someone?

Feel free to reach out our amazing Counseling Team - click HERE

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Tech Support

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Rapid COVID Testing

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We want to thank you for your patience as we continue making Launch Academy a place where students can be successful based on choice, flexibility, and personalized learning.

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