Hiroshima Peace Park

The Bombing

Hiroshima bombing

In 1945 a B-29 bomber dropped the first atomic bomb over Hiroshiam Japan. Hiroshima was the first city to suffer a servere nuclear attack.

Did You Know?

That 80,000 people were killed instantly after the bomb and hundreds more died from the long term radiation that stayed with them. Some that are living now have no arms or have a disadvantage because the long term radiation that has passed through their family members for generations and generations.

Why did it happen?

It was in the time during World War II. On the 6th of August 1945, estimated around 8:15 am. The bombing in Japan eventually ended WWll. The U.S dropped the bomb as a revenge attack on the Japanese for their attack on Pearl Habour.

Hiroshima Peace Park

A special place where memorable statues and a surviving building left from WWll's bombing. Also the statue of Sadako (a young girl who suffered from a severe disease) is there in the peace park. When the little girls and little boys fold paper cranes, they would hang them around Sadako. Check out the full story by buying the book "Sadako and the thousand paper cranes".

Why should you visit this monument?

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The building as we can see here, somehow seemed to survive the atomic bomb attack and is now placed in Hiroshima Memorial Park/Hiroshima Peace Park.

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Peace Day

Is a day held on the 6th of August every year to celebrate in memory of those who passed away in the time of the atomic bombing. So take your friends and family in time for the festival!!!