New Features and Updates in Windows

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1. Windows 10 Growth Boost by 25% via Windows 10 Updates

As Microsoft is climbing new notches every month, its Windows 10 is now powering more than 20% of all personal computers across the globe. According to a new data released, Windows 10 has become the second most popular operating system after Win 7 in last few months. March month shows a steep growth by 20%, which is really encouraging for the Microsoft Windows 10.

Microsoft’s persistent promotion for Windows 10 has resulted in the vertical growth of the operating system by covering more than 250 million users across the globe.

Windows 7 still stands on the top position with 63% of total market share, when it comes to the Microsoft’s desktop operating system. Now the experts believe that the scenario is on the verge as the deadline for the free Windows 10 upgrade is coming close to its end. On the other hand, some experts do also think that Microsoft can increase the deadline so as to take the benefit of the upward popularity of Windows 10 OS. Read more at

2. Microsoft Mandates Feedback Functionality

To make the Insider Program more successful, Microsoft has now enabled feedback functionality in the latest build that will have the frequency in automated mode wherein the users will be asked for the feedback. For Windows technical support visit here to learn and understand this Windows 10 feedback functionality from certified technicians.

In the earlier build, the developers could obstruct the questions from the company about what users experienced and believed for a specific feature or the functionality of Windows 10 OS.

On the other hand, most of the users used to turn off the feedback functionality so as to skip the questions that they didn’t care of. But on the contrary, users are required to provide answers to the feedback questions asked by Microsoft. Read more at

3. 12 Excellent New Features in Windows 10

With the introduction of Windows 10 OS, Windows-powered personal computers are coming into a different ecosystem wherein Microsoft is planning to infuse some amazing elements to leave its users with an unending experience.

With so many interesting applications – such as Windows 10 digital assistant Cortana, smooth web browser Edge, revamped calendar, groove, revamped Outlook, etc. – Windows 10 is making a difference, despite some technical flaw. However, you can overcome all types of technical problems with the help of expert technicians who are offering their expertise independently. Read more at

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