My Bucket List

The world has a lot to offer.


Hi. I'm Ahmed Elsaigh, a grade 11 student, who currently lives in Mississauga, Canada. I'm from Khartoum, Sudan, a place known for its culture that has been expanding since the ancient Pharaohs. I enjoy learning about new cultures, since it was very interesting learning about mine. I also enjoy travelling, and exploring a lot of places around the world, as I have already been to many places before, like London, Amsterdam, New York, Cairo, Khartoum, and more. And thanks to the infrastructure of most of those places, I was able to explore them so easily and quickly. As I grow older, there's a lot of things I feel like I need to do in my life before my time runs out. Therefore, I present to you my Bucket List.

1. Go Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving is an astonishing experience that I can't wait to try. Dubai is one of the best places to skydive, getting an amazing view of the modern city, looking at the Palm islands and the Burj Khalifa. Some other cities are also extremely enjoyable for skydiving, like Sydney and Hawaii.
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2013 - Skydiving in Dubai, UAE

2. Watch an NBA Finals Game

Watch the best teams and players of the NBA league verse each other. This takes place in the United States, in the home cities of both teams, for e.g. last year was in Miami and San Antonio. Hopefully, I'm willing to accomplish this goal next year, in the NBA Finals of the year 2016. It's an opportunity for me to explore the sport, and experience how it's like to watch a live game.
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3. Go to the Moon

The moon might be a little exciting, but not as nearly as exciting as the journey through space. The experience of watching earth from far away, and looking at how close apart all the cities I travelled to are. Looking at the glow of the horizon. A true experience that can never be forgotten.
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4. Ride an Aerobatic Plane

The crazy experience of going upside on a plane, and having a full view of the land below. This would be very enjoyable in beautiful cities, like Sydney, Johannesburg, Paris, and Berlin, as the view of the city and landscapes would be insane. Personally, I want to try it in Paris.
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5. Ride a Dune Buggy in a sandy desert

An activity that allows you to enjoy the desert. The dune can perform amusing actions like flying off a hill and landing upside down or sideways. Dune bugging is popular in many places around the world, especially in Dubai, which is where I'm willing to try it.
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6. PhD in Engineering (Top Bucket List Entry)

Engineering is a great field for people interested in the physical science of how (mechanical, electrical, architectural, civil, chemical, environmental, software, nuclear, etc.) things work, from designing cars and motorcycles to building new infrastructure and homes. I'm willing to do my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Waterloo University, in Waterloo, Ontario. Later on, I would be interested in doing my Masters degree at Bradford University, in Bradford, England. And last but not least, my PhD at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One of my top reasons to doing all of this and getting my degrees from such different locations, is to experience and explore new cities around the world that I've never been to before. Nevertheless, Engineering is a job that many times requires travelling to different countries and places, for research, presentations, etc. Therefore, this would be a tremendous opportunity for me to continue my travelling explorations and learnings.