Doggie Do-ties

Some Must-Do's about bringing Rufus to work

Dog Registration

High five if your furry friend is a registered four-footed Amazonian!

Amazon’s Dog Policy is that all dogs must be registered. If you're thinking about

bringing Rufus to work or have yet to register, please visit Inside Amazon for Dog Registration papers and other furry details.

Friendly Reminders

Be prepared!

1. All dogs are required to be house-broken prior to coming to work. Please train up your puppy before inviting them to the workplace.

2. Please remember that dogs are not allowed in conference rooms, decks, kitchens or other common areas with the exception of service dogs. (Please note: Varzea/Van Vorst are dog free and Blackfoot/Port 99 require dogs to use freight elevators with the exception of service dogs)


We would love continued dialogue with our dog community to understand how we can continue to improve our workplace practice to support this benefit. We encourage you to e-mail gref-hd@ if you have any comments or concerns.