Say No to Oil Rigs in Alaska

Tourism Worker, Crystal Dennard

"How does oil rigs have an effect on the tourism?"

With the oil rigs in Alaska there are pumps in the water pumping up oil. If you look at the picture under this paragraph they are not very pretty to look at if you were to visit there.

So I say we go against having these oil rigs everywhere because they take away from the natural beauty of the state.

These rigs will have an effect of tourism because people would much rather go to a place where there can a much more natural place than a place where rigs are located.

"Oil rigs make tourism less likely in one area"

"How can the rigs hurt Alaska?"

These rigs could cause a lot of different things to happen.

  • It makes Alaska look less attractive
  • It causes a lot of pollution in the water and kills wild life. If there was an oil leak than animals and other life forms could be covered in oil and other harmful chemicals. This is not what tourists want to see when they visit Alaska.
  • There could be many risks in having a rig. It could blow up and hurt potential tourists in the area. If the well were to blow up it would also cause more pollution by the smoke and oil would go out into the water and hurt wildlife and potentially people.
  • Causes there to be a bigger population because of job opportunity

"Oil wells could cause jobs like mine to get thrown away"

In my position if people are driven away from visiting Alaska because of the rigs then the person who runs the tourism company would have to go out of business because there is not the amount of sales we need to stay in business.

I plan on sending many complaint letters to the executive to hopefully change their mind on putting a well in Alaska.