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Discovered by William Gregor in 1791.
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Titanium is found in many minerals such as ilmenite and rutile. Actual locations where titanium are mined in the U.S are: Florida and Virginia. Other countries where they are mined include: Russia, Japan and others.


Titanium is a white pigment used in paint, varnishes and lacquers, plastics, paper, and other products such as fabrics, printing inks, roofing granules, and special coated fabrics. It is also used to make engines and structural components for aircrafts. As well as propeller shafts and other ship parts that will be exposed to water.
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Atomic Info

Electron Configuartion: [Ar] 3d2 4s2

Mass: 47.867

Number of protons: 22

Number of neutrons: 26

Number of electrons: 22

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