Where the Red Ferns Grow

A boy wanted two hound dogs so he could go coon hunting. He begged his parents for them but they said that they didn't have enough money. So then he started helping his grandpa around his store and earned up his own money to buy 2 hound dogs. Once he earned enough money he went to town and he saw a lot of new things. Like schools, play grounds, stores, and different people. Once he got his hound dogs he stuck them in his bag to where the only thing you could see of the puppies were they're heads. Everybody in town were making fun of him and staring at him for having the dogs in the bag. Once he got home he started training them to find the scent of a raccoon and how to chase them up trees. They became amazing hunters and went a hunting contest. During the contest it started to snow and it was hard for the dogs to hunt in snow because they could lose the scent of the raccoon. Then one of the dogs got hurt and it was so badly hurt that it died. Then the other dog got sad and wouldn't eat and ended up dying to. Where the 2 dogs were buried 2 red ferns grew up.