Where I Stand

By; Justin Lee

What's This About?

The following flyer is created to describe problems within three areas that the municipal government deals with. Possible solutions and tips are also given for each of the problems. These topics includes snow removal, road maintenance and Arts & leisure.

Snow Removal

Winter in Canada has always been a pain for those unprepared for the weather. Snow removal has been a big issue ,even though the city takes a good amount of care for the roads, there is still a full driveway of snow in front of your house waiting to be removed. Following through these few tips below can ensure that your driveway is ready for the winter months to come.

-Safety first - ensure that you are dressed appropriate for the weather before shovelling

- Be well equipped with shovels, salt and a snow blower (if needed)

- Don't let piles of snow become mountains but instead heave the snow a little more away from your drive way

- Shovel the bottom of your driveway at the end because the snow plough tends to bring in more snow in that area. Save some effort and shovel it last.

- Add salt to your driveway to prevent any ice from building up

- Hire a company for snow removal for your driveway if laziness catches up with you

How to Shovel Snow and Protect your Back

Road Maintenance

Road construction and maintenance has always created some degree of traffic especially when roads are closed or blocked off. This only gives commuters another painfully way of being late to work or even worse, late to school. Although traffic is inevitable, there are a few ways to avoid it especially if road construction is going on.

- Check traffic reports through News Tv or the local Radio

- Use a GPS that has live traffic updates

- Drive alternate routes is roads are closed off or under construction

- Ditch your car and ride your bike (if destination is close by)

Arts and Leisure

Many kids these days are hardly using any imagination or physical activity due to the over use of electronic devices. Arts and leisure is essential for any kid to grow a health mind and body so there should be a greater attention towards activities such as art class or swimming lessons than the need for the new smartphone. The following activities below are worth the money than getting that new Iphone.

"Why the Arts?" Art Education Advertisement
Physical activity - It All Adds Up (40 second ad)