Calculus Smore Activity

Function Scavenger Hunt


1. Using the Ipad Camera, take real life pictures of 5 functions you have studied (exponential, quadratic, piece wise, increasing/decreasing, etc).

2. Using the "Free GraCalc" app on the Ipad, graph 5 more functions you have studied. To do this, you pick the Equations icon on the bottom toolbar and type in an equation. Then click the graph button. Now take a picture of your graph by holding down the Home Button and the power button at the same time. The screen should flash white.

3. Visit

4. Create an account with an email and password.

5. Create a flyer that incorporates all 10 pictures and also some review definitions, formulas, or ideas.


Quadratic functions have a vertex and an axis of symmetry. They also have a maximum or a minimum.

Some Sample Pictures

Guaranteed to be Relaxing and Fun!