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trey newman

We start our story of with our main character Paul who has glasses moving to Tangerine county Flourida " our new address-a place called lake Windsor Downs in Tangerine County, Florida". He was having a bad memory of his brother Erik almost hitting him with a bat from a car " i remember a black metal mailbox, on a black metal pole. i was riding my bike home at dinnertime, heading east down this street, with the sun setting behind me. i heard a loud roar like an animal's, like a predator snarling. i swiveled my head around still peddling and looked back. all i could see was the red sun huge now setting right over the middle of the street. i couldn't see anything else. but i could hear the roar even louder now and i recognized it: the roar of an engine revved up to full throttle. i saw a man hanging out with a bat h brought it forward with a mighty swing at my head i dove to the right as it hit a mailbox". everybody tells him he has glass because he stared at a solar eclipse. when he got to Tangerine he saw smoke from the smoke fire. Paul and his mom went to find a school to go to. Paul wanted to join the soccer team but he couldn't because his glasses. Paul goes to a carnival and tells on some people for vandalism. his school gets swallowed by a sinkhole." the walkways started to heave up and down we joined some 8th graders in a kind of bucket brigade extending from the field down into the sinkhole." at his new school the kids he told on were on the soccer team an he was bullied for it. after he started playing on the new team they won a lot." they looked terrified to be on the same field as the fearsome war eagles." Paul found out that he had glasses because Erik sprayed paint into Paul's eyes. "Paul starts to remember how Erik and Vincent Castor held him down and sprayed white paint into his eyes at about page 254. I can't access that on Google Books, but, on page 265, he confronts his parents"
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