Maze Runner

By: Braden Riggenbach

The Hook

imagine that you are stuck in this world and there was no escape,or that's what you thought.


Thomas was sent by a crate to a new world with people gathering all around him. He then was stuck in a maze with all the people, There only escape was to go through the maze. Finally Thomas had the guts to go through it and find the way out for him and the people.

The Maze Runner

There review:The teens stranded in the Maze have their memories wiped, but they are still aware on some level that they are being held captive and endangered by adults, not monsters or other children. Some of the teens in the Maze go insane from the fear, the attacks, or in one case, the memory of the world he had left behind. Main characters are conscientious and risk their lives to save others.

My review: the book is over all amazing its filed with action and adventure.This guy name thomas was sent to this unknown world in a crate with other people there too.Thomas was risking his life to save others in the maze

The Maze Runner Book Trailer
The maze runner - Fight song