Jackie Robinson

Cameron R. and Jessie C.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson ,(born January 31,1919, Cairo,Georgia U.S-Died October 24,1972,Stamford,Connecticut). The Dodgers made history in April 1947 by calling up african american third baseman Jackie Robinson (who had been signed to a minor league contract by the pioneering Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey two years earlier).Rickey had been planning an attempt to integrate baseball and was looking for the right candidate. Robinson’s skills on the field, his integrity, and his conservative family-oriented lifestyle all appealed greatly to Rickey. Rickey’s main fear concerning Robinson was that he would be unable to withstand the racist abuse without responding in a way that would hurt integration’s chances for success. During a legendary meeting Ricky shouted insults at Robinson, trying to be certain that Robinson could accept taunts without incident.



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