Weekly Update, December 15-19

All Time All Stars, Room 29

Busy week ahead - our updates and flow

Hello friends,
This is an exciting week at St. Andrew's!
Our All Time All Stars are publishing their final narratives by Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon, we will have the opportunity to not only share our narratives, but also hear other narratives published by our third grade peers. What a way to celebrate all of our growth as writers!
Our Rain Forest presentations have begun! After a few days of general information gathering, All Time researchers chose a specific area on which to focus their attention. The students have customized their choice of research topic surrounding the Rain Forest and its inhabitants and have also chosen how they would like to share their learning. Some friends have made posters, some shadowboxes, some Power Points, and we even have a dramatic interpretation. One thing we surely have in common is excitement for our work!
We will share a few presentations each day this week, and everyone has the opportunity to share. The audience has been very attentive and respectful - even jotting their questions down on sticky notes so they remember to ask their question at the end of a presentation.
Math practice will be moving into subtraction. Tomorrow, we will work on a subtraction chart and make observations of patterns we notice when subtracting certain numbers consistently. The kiddos brought home a few pages of math practice tonight. We went through the instructions as a class, and the kids wrote down to complete: one word problem, nine addition problems, and two, six, and both problems from the back page. The model drawing is still a new concept, and we have not yet introduced the regrouping with subtraction, so the kiddos were reminded to try their best, but pack up their work if they spend more than 15 minutes and/or feel frustration.
Spelling assessment is Wednesday, December 16th. The Vimeo links from last week are still available, if your child wants to review them again.
Ms. Dills' Latin class is coming to our room to entertain us with some Christmas Carols sung in Latin on Thursday..... I wonder if we will recognize any of the songs? ;)
Vacation begins after Lessons and Carols and classes begin on January 6th.
Have a safe and happy winter break, and happy holidays!

Lessons and Carols - 8:30-10:00AM

Friday, Dec. 19th, 8:30am

1112 West 31st Street

Austin, TX

Early Dismissal at 10AM. If you plan on collecting your child directly from Crusader Hall, please make sure to see Mrs. Wright before leaving. Otherwise, our class will head back to our classroom for dismissal.

Third and fourth grade chapel concert

Monday, Dec. 15th, 10:15am

1112 West 31st Street

Austin, TX

Third and fourth grades will perform during our regular chapel time, 10:20. Mrs. Bourland has been lovingly working with the kiddos, and it should be a wonderful presentation!