Sun Valley Technology News

January 2014

This Month's "Favorite Website"

Hstry - This "timelline" creator can be used for a variety of teacher-made or student-made products (and not just Social Studies projects!). I love the user-friendly interface and the variety of ways you can put a product together. It's in beta version (which means it just came out to the public), so there will be lots of improvements to it. Check out the "Timeline of the Month" to see how it can be used.

Cool Things Happening in the Valley

Content Area Focus - SCIENCE


Have students choose a topic or page of information to use in their RAFT project.

Create individual cards ahead of time that include different examples of each of these components.

R = Role (Scientific Expert, celebrity, book character, Children's book author)

A = Audience (2nd grader, parents, a company involved in your topic, the government)

F = Format (digital poster, letter, advertisement, diary entry, interview)

T = Topic

Have students draw from the stack to determine what role they will play, who their audience will be, and what format they will choose to share their information (their topic was already chosen).

This activity requires students to apply knowledge of their content to a different perspective. Just one way to embed High Order Thinking Skills in your everyday lessons.

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How to.... Make Columns in a Google Document

Can't get your images to line up with text? Want your text to look more like a newspaper? Then you will want to add columns to your Google Doc!

1. Open a Document and Insert a Table

2. You can now type into the cells of the table and even add images.

3. Highlight the cells (by clicking and dragging)

4. Right click and choose TABLE PROPERTIES

5. Change the Table Border color to white (or the color of your page).

6. Voila! You now have columns on your page.

HINTS - if you want space in between your rows or columns, right click in the cell and add another row or column. Hit Enter to make the cells larger.

Did you know......?

  • ...You can now add multiple documents in ONE Google Classroom Assignment?
  • ...Google Documents has an Easy Bib Add-On? Make sure your students know about this easy tool! Now students can search for their source WHILE they're typing their paper and add the citation immediately.
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Digital Learning Day is March 13th!