Conrade, C.



Bats by; Callie Conrade

Did you know that some bats are bright orange? They’re called Orange Leafed nosed bats! Bats are mammals. Mammals have hair, are warm blooded and give birth to their young exactly like bats!


Bats come in all different colors like yellow, gray and bright orange! Awesome right?! They have skin exactly like ours! Bats wings are webbed. They are vertebrates which means bats do have backbones. All bats look different!!!!!!!


Bats live all around the world like caves, trees, holes, rock walls, buildings and under barns but none live in the arctic. Some people think they only live in caves but that is not true. Bats live in very surprising places!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bats eat mangos, bananas, figs, beetles, moths and flies. ewwwwww!! Bats eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at night that means they are nocturnal. Bats have super hearing that's how bats catch their food. Doing that is called echolocation.


Most bats are color blind except Mega Bats. mega bats live in warm places. There are two different kinds of bats. Mega Bats, like I just said. also Microbats, they live in cold places like Colorado.


Some males attract females be screeching! Female bats give birth to at least one pup (a baby bat) each year. Pups are born with their eyes closed.

The White Nosed syndrome

Bats in the northeastern part of the United States are in trouble. Bats are getting sick and dying! They have “White Nosed syndrome”. The disease is named after a white fungus that is getting on bats noses. A fungus is a type of plant life that can cause disease in animals. With fewer bats there will be more incects. That can be a big problem for people. But don’t worry scientist say they are finding a cure!

3 fantastic facts

  1. Bats are the only mammal in the world that can fly

  2. In China bats bring good luck.

  3. You can see bats in caves.


Bats are very amazing creatures. Some people say that bats are birds because they fly. But now you know bats are mammals!!!!!!!!