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#ThomsonRocks September 9, 2018

Important Information for You!

NWEA-MAP Testing

Here we go! I was happy with how well the practice testing went last week in regards to the student manipulating the technology by themselves. As we begin actual testing this week, please don't forget to have your students bring a book to the testing sessions, so they have something to do once they finish. While they may not need it during the first session, let's make that our standard practice for each session.

Link to MAP Assessment Guidelines:

Link to MAP Testing Schedule:

ALICE Training

As you know our ALICE training is this Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. ALL certified and office staff MUST complete the one hour online module prior to September 11th. This hour online training will be counted as part of the three hours total of professional development that you will be granted. Hourly staff will be paid for the two hours they attend the actual training. If you are an hourly staff member and cannot attend, please see me right away. Per my email last week, staff may wear jeans on the day of ALICE training. We will hold the training in the gym. While I will ask Jim to have chairs, if you would like to bring your own 'comfy' chair you may.

Sick Students

Now that we are back to our school day routines, I want to remind everyone of our procedure for helping sick students. Please call the office and send a buddy with sick students to make sure they get to the office. If you have a student with a known medical condition that has the potential to be life-threatening (allergy, asthma, heart condition, etc), an adult must accompany him or her OR we will come to you with the appropriate is up to you to determine if the child can safely make it to the office and if you are unsure, stay with the student and we will come to you. The office staff has been trained by Megan Rule, District Nurse, in how to screen students that are sent to the office sick. Students will either stay with the office staff and be sent home, or they will be sent back to class. If you have sent a child to the office because he or she complained of being sick and he or she returns to class, please welcome him or her back and then keep an eye on that student. If the student doesn’t bounce back or if you see that the student gets any worse, please send the student back to the office with a note explaining your concern. The office will re-evaluate the student and call home if appropriate. All calls for sick or injured students should come from the office. I appreciate your care and concern for your students and ask that you help our building follow the protocols as shared above.

Community Circles

Please don't forget that the minimum district expectation is that every student will participate in at least 2 circles/week. Community Circles can take any form:

  • Circles for learning more about each other
  • Circles that form just for dialogue and storytelling
  • Mediation circles when a problem needs to be addressed
  • Healing circles when group members are hurting or grieving

When circles are a regular part of the school culture, they give students a vehicle for communicating when problems arise, rather that handling them in less constructive ways.

The circles can be planned with prompts that are ahead of time or be about 'in the moment' topics. They should become natural, part of the culture and used as needed based on the situation in the classroom at any given time.


The first Intersession is on the radar! If you are interested in earning some extra $$$ and getting a unique experience teaching students during a hands-on week of fun, let Jen Torok know and apply online at

Also, please help us get the word out to families by mentioning it in your weekly classroom newsletters.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day is on Tuesday, September 17th. Feel free to encourage your students to wear Red, White, and Blue as a flyer will be going home Thursday with all students. During morning announcements we will include information about Constitution Day as well. Please be sure to include your planning for Constitution Day in your lesson plans, email Dena activities that you're doing, and email Michelle Edwards regarding anything special that may be a good photo opportunity (send me pics too please).

Cardinal Code Teaching

Don't forget to continue teaching Cardinal Code and routines this week. Just because you taught it last week doesn't mean the students will remember or do it this week. Remember, these are 4 and 5 year olds...if students aren't 'getting it', it is most likely because they truly don't know, remember, or understand fully...please remember to reteach, not retell. There is nothing wrong with having kids practice something until they get it right, but why not make a game of it as opposed to getting upset or frustrated.

Number Talks

Last week at our Curriculum meeting, Julie Crockett reviewed the district expectations for Number Talks. Be sure that when you're planning, you include Number Talks as part of your instruction and that they are reflected in your lesson plans.


  • 3-5 times a week
  • 5-15 minutes
  • Using the problem strings
  • Follow the Number Talks Pacing Guide
  • Plan for them


  • Build a conceptual understanding of numbers
  • Foundation for learning math facts
  • Fosters flexibility with numbers

Davison Homecoming Information

It’s time to celebrate Homecoming at Davison Community Schools and the theme this year is Pixar Movies. At the suggestion of Julie VanEvery, I reached out to the other elementary principals to see if they had decided on Spirit Week yet in the hopes that we could do an Elementary Spirit Week to make it easier on parents with students in different elementary buildings. Christy Flowers shared (listed below) what was planned for Siple and I though it was great. As of right now, I know that Central is on board, Hill has something planned that goes with theme for the school year, and I am unsure of Gates. I ran the the ideas past Julie and she agreed that they sounded relatively easy, fun, and matched the unless there is major objection, we will follow the Spirit Days below. A flyer will go home the week of September 17th, so if you have concerns see me right away. Students and staff are invited to participate in Spirit Week in the following ways:

Monday, September 24

Inside Out Day

Celebrate the Pixar film Inside Out by wearing your clothes inside out.

Tuesday, September 25

Be Incredible

Celebrate the Pixar film The Incredibles by participating in Super Hero Day.

Wednesday, September 26

Show Up!

Celebrate the Pixar film Up by honoring boy scout Russell for his service to Mr. Fredricksen on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Thursday, September 27

Disney Day

Celebrate Disney’s Partnership with Pixar on Disney Day.

Friday, September 28

School Spirit Day

Celebrate our schools by wearing your Central or Davison shirts. Go CARDS!

Powder Puff Football Game: Wednesday at 7:00 pm. $5 entrance fee - no passes

Parade: Friday at 5:00 pm...don't forget the parade line up starts at 4:00 p.m. and you need to be there by 4:30 p.m. if you are planning on participating.

Game: Friday at 7:30 pm vs Flint

Growth Plans

Growth Plans are due to me by Friday, September 14th. We will then revise the Areas of Focus and Action Steps in our Growth Plan meetings.

Quotes Worth Reading

"The strength of our student relationships makes the difference in translating our passion for teaching into their passion for leaning."

-Beth Morrow

"No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship."

-James Comer

Thomson Elementary

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Celebrations & Announcements

Birthdays: I left the list at I will edit this as soon as I can.

Don't forget...Social Committee Dues are due by Friday, September 14th.

Make your calendars...Homecoming Parade is September 28th! I hope you will consider walking with our students and families!

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Week of September 10th-NWEA-MAP Testing
  • Monday, September 10th-PTO Fundraiser ends
  • Tuesday, September 11th-ALICE Training, 4-6 p.m.-ALL Staff
  • Thursday, September 13th-DIBELS Assessment window closes; Motor Moms & Dads Parent Training Meetings, 10 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.
  • Friday, September 14th-Growth Plans are due.
  • Monday, September 17th-PTO Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 18th-Picture Day!
  • Wednesday, September 19th-Lockdown Drill with ALICE procedures; Staff Meeting, 7:35 a.m. (Agenda: ALICE, NWEA/MAP Testing, Schedules & Literacy)
  • Thursday, September 20th-Elementary Principals Meeting (Natalie); CMC 4-7 p.m.
  • Friday, September 21st-Leadership Team Meeting, 7:15 a.m.
  • Week of September 23rd-PLC Week