War of 1812

The war of 1812 helped make the United States a world power

The Causes of the war in 1812

1. Impressment 2. Economic problems 3. "War Hawk"Elected

Britain and France Jefferson proposed embargo War Hawks wanted war

went to war in 1803. to avoid war. The embargo against Britain. The

America wanted to be stopped all trade between British damaged trade

neutral. But france and America and Europe. It kept for the south. The west

Britain both said no American ships from being blamed Britain for Indian

they can't be. captured but killed the economy. attacks.

4. Indian Attacks

Americans violated the

Treaty of Greenville and

moved into Indian land.

British troops are still at

western forts. The British

armed the Indians to

attack Americans

Massacre of fort dearborn

Saturday, Aug. 15th 1812 at 9pm

Fort Dearborn

A massacre carried out by Potawatomi and Menominee warriors following the evacuation of Fort Dearborn ordered by Brigadier General William Hull upon learning that Fort Mackinac had been captured by the British. The garrison was attempting to march to Fort Wayne, Indiana Territory, when the attack occurred about a mile and a half south of Fort Dearborn.

Native Americans Unite?

Tecumseh began recruiting and uniting tribes to protect their land. Battle of Tippecanon William Henry Harrison led troops against Indians, crushing Tecumseh's movement. Tecumseh fled to British owned Canada confirming that Britain was aiding Indians

Capture of Detroit

A startling and humiliating defeat for the Americans. Brigadier General William Hull surrendered Detroit without a fight, despite having a larger force under his command than the force under Major General Issac Brock, his British adversary.