Internet safety

by: Bradyn Glebe

Passwords are a very important thing to safety.

Without a good accurate password things can get out of hand. You bank account could be hacked and any other account. A good password contains 6-8 letters with capital and lower case letters. Add some numbers or even abbreviations. It is key to have a good password to your accounts.
How to Choose Strong Passwords

Be careful who you give information to.

Giving your personal information away can be very dangerous. It may look like a trusty website but a lot of times it is not. They could take your id and your credit card information and max your credit card out. Never leave you log in password to you email saved in the password bar. If you do that then the hacker or whatever happens will be able to get into your email without an effort.
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Don't trust people you do not know.

Talking to people that you do not know can lead to bad things such as hacking and even stalking. If a random stranger ask if you want to meet at the park say no or do not respond.

It is a very dangerous thing to do if you say yes. The person you are talking to may sound great and look very pretty but on the other side of the phone could be a very hideous old dude that has a beard.

Kids Internet Safety Tips

Online shopping

When you are online shopping make sure that the website you are buying from is trusty. Some websites are fake and try to get you credit card information. Make sure that there are no random ads about weird things. When you find a website go to its views and if there are a ton of views it should be okay. Make sure that you do not give out your credit card information to random people.

Online shopping 2

With an average $561 in spending.About 15 percent more online than Gen ($489), and roughly 25 percent more than the average online adult ($449).
Shopping Safely Online


Cyber bullying is not a good thing to do. If you are getting cyber bullied immediately tell an adult. You could get in serious trouble if you cyber bully. It is one against the law and two probably against your parents rules.
Cyberbullying: there is a way out!

Inappropriate content

Inappropriate content is a very bad thing to do. It is just best to not do it because it is against the law and you could go to jail.
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Revealing too much personal information

Learning to recognize the warning signs of these risks will allow trusted adults to intervene and lessen potential negative impacts. By acting as a resource, parents and guardians can help make the Internet a safer place for their families. As a parent or guardian, you should stay well-informed about current issues to understand what your children are experiencing on and off the Internet. If they are social networking, instant messaging, using webcams, or blogging, help them use these tools safely by learning how to use them yourself. Children whose parents and guardians regularly talk to them about personal safety are more likely to exhibit responsible behavior on their own. NetSmartz invites you to learn about the issues surrounding your children’s online lives. Then use the discussion starters to help you begin a dialogue about safety with your children.
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Identity theift

Millions of Americans use the Internet to make their lives more convenient by shopping and banking online. Unfortunately, the personal information that they share—anything from credit card to Social Security numbers—may expose them to identity theft
Five Ways to Help Protect Your Identity

E-mail, IM and chat room

A study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that teens (ages 12-17) use text messaging to communicate with their friends more than e-mail or instant messaging (IM). However, these online communication services, along with chat rooms, continue to be an important part of children’s online interactions. E-mail accounts, for example, are often necessary to join social networking sites, online games, and virtual worlds. Social networking sites, like Facebook, often have IM and e-mail components.
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