Roanoke Sound

Come see this cool estuary!


Roanoke sound is an estuary that separates two islands in North Carolina. The islands are Bodie and Roanoke Island. They are apart of the outer banks. Just south of the Roanoke sound is the Pamlico sound which is also a great visiting place.

Importance of Estuaries

Estuaries are an important part of the function of the environment. It is not only the homes to many animals and plants it is also a transition zone for rivers, which eventually lead to even bigger bodies of water.

Plants and Animals

Dolphins can be found at Roanoke sound. Along with a variety of birds and fish. Some you can find Shrimp, Mullet, and Pipefish. There are also oyster-shell reefs.


There are threats in estuaries. Global warming is one of them. Its not only harmful but, with global warming the sea levels rising and that can result in flooding of the estuary. Toxins in the area can also result to the overgrowth of plants and that limits the oxygen in the area.

Rivers, Streams, and Waterways

Some rivers, streams ,and waterways are the Roanoke river. That runs all the way from NC to Virginia. There are many streams and waterways in North Carolina.