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Plus Ventures in team with BGU are searching for


PLUS Ventures, a leading, highly innovative and experienced multi-vehicle investment firm has teamed up with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in search of the next big thing.

Cooperating with Negev High-Tech Faculty Start-Up Accelerator (NHSA) and the Frankel Center for Computer Science, Plus Ventures is looking for you – up and coming high-tech researchers and entrepreneurs, in the fields of Web, Mobile, New-Media, SaaS, Big Data, eHealth, Cyber and IoT!

Whether you only have an idea scribbled on a napkin or a running beta with paying customers, whether you're looking to hire your first employee or to execute your global marketing plan – we'd love to hear!

~ Winner will receive up to a ₪300K investment! ~


· December 30, 2015 – Plus on Campus – an introductory session to entrepreneurship and venture capital

· January 15, 2015 – Submission Deadline

· January 16-30, 2015 – Projects screening period – 1 on 1 meetings with selected projects

· February 2, 2015 – Pitch Day @ BGU – Presentations and winner selection

Please send a full company presentation* to:

* With: "BGU PLUS" + project name in the subject line of the mail

Describing: the team, the problem/need, the solution and its differentiator, the addressable market, The Competition, Business Model, Opportunity and Opportunity size along with any other relevant info.

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