montgomery bus boycott


we are having tis boycott so the white people know that we aren't going to take being treated like this anymore. we aren't going to move to the back of the bus just because we are black. we want the bus stations to know we are a forced to be reckoned with and they cant make us move.

Thursday, Dec. 1st 1955 at 9pm

Montgomery, AL, United States

Montgomery, AL

we aren't using the city buses until they let us sit where we want when we want.

our leaders

Rosa Parks was one of the main leaders after she was arrested for refusing to move for a white man to sit in the front of the bus. our other leader is martin Luther king jr a brave man who is outing himself in danger so that we can be free at last and have rights just as the whites do.

other options

instead of riding the bus there are some other options we have, we could walk with a group of people that way we are protecting each other. we could also ride our bikes that way we get their faster and can still be with each other.