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Cosmetic virtues of using Clay

Cosmetic virtues
Given its therapeutic virtues, the clay was included in several prestigious cosmetic brands.
When used as a cosmetic ingredient is more inorganic crushed and subjected to purification processes to remove any impurities that may contain.

The activity of the clay begins when it is wetted. It can be used hot or cold depending on the desired final effect: regenerating activity or soothing.
John Barban
Options are excellent for facial or body masks at concentrations as high as 40%, providing a good solution for all skin types, even the most sensitive, or problems such as acne prone skin, and can be used successfully in aged skin or fatal decides.

When added as a cosmetic ingredient in a face mask works as scrub and mask.
The clay masks serve to cleanse, nourish and revitalize the skin by removing toxins, stimulates microcirculation, and its catalytic characteristics.

Can also soothe and moisturize, all depends on the type of clay and the ingredients are added to it. T
hey can also enter formulas creams, shampoos and lotions.

Common properties of the clays
• activating metabolism due to energy exchange between the free electrons.
• Anti-inflammatory, for