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  • Camp Gravatt field studies flyer and permission slip
  • Elementary Honor Choir flyer

  • Affixes Quiz 2 & Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow, 9/22
  • Hercules Article Quiz tomorrow, 9/22
  • Reconstruction Test Wednesday, 9/27
  • Reading Goal Sheet due Friday, 9/29
  • Fall Picture Day, 10/3
  • Camp Gravatt Field Trip 10/20

*Use the guiding questions below in the content sections to have discussions with your child about his or her learning.

Traveling Trunk

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Reconstruction Guiding Questions and Ideas

  • What do you know about the Civil War and its causes, outcomes, and how it affected the nation?
  • Why is Reconstruction important for America’s future?
  • What groups of people came out of a divided America?
  • How does geography influence the beliefs and goals of a group of people?
  • How do goals of different groups impact their interactions?
  • What impact did Reconstruction amendments have on the rights of freed slaves?
  • Explain the cycle of debt and its impact on new economic opportunities.
  • Explain the purpose and motivations of subversive groups during Reconstruction and their rise to power after the withdrawal of federal troops from the South.
  • Why are political, economic, and social patterns & perspectives important to me? To America? To the world?

Literacy Corner

Scope Magazine

Dear Family,

This year your child will receive Scope, a magazine published by Scholastic and created to help middle school students become strong and joyful readers. Scope features nonfiction, fiction, dramas, debates, infographics, poetry, and grammar. The magazine will come to the classroom eight times per year.

In class, students will use Scope to build reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills. You can play an important role at home in helping your son or daughter become a better reader. When your child brings the magazine home, here are a few ways you can enrich his or her learning:

1. Look through the magazine together. Ask: Which articles did you read at school? Which one did you find most interesting? Why?

2. Read an article together, and have your son or daughter choose one new word from it. He or she can then explain the word’s meaning to the family. Have a competition to see who can use it the most in conversation!

3. Read the debate article together. Ask: Which side do you agree with? Why?

With each issue, you will also get a letter featuring specific ideas for what you can do at home using the articles in that issue.

But most of all, enjoy spending time with your son or daughter while exploring the magazine. Even though your middle school student might be asserting more independence than in the past, reading together remains a wonderful activity to share. If English is not your first language, talk about the articles in the language you’re most comfortable with.

We hope you’ll look forward to seeing Scope when it comes home with your child, and that it becomes a welcome part of your family routine!


Your child’s teacher and the editors of Scope

Guiding Questions and Ideas for our Reading Unit

  • What goals do you have for yourself as a reader this year?
  • What will we do to have a successful reading workshop?
  • What are good qualities of writing about reading?
  • What will I include in my journal responses to write well about my reading?
  • How does a rubric help us understand our progress as a reader?
  • What new insights can I bring to the text? How did I put all of this together?
  • What perspective is the story told from and how does this effect my understanding?
  • Which characters' perspectives may be missing & what can I figure out about them to deepen my understanding of the story?

Top 10 lists

We have been using Top 10 lists to help us generate ideas to write about. We have loved doing Top 10 lists about restaurants, places, foods, and more! Check out your writer's Writing Notebook to see his or her lists. We have also written fast and furious to jot our ideas through quick writes. We will use these ideas to write our very own narratives.

Where I'm From Poetry Spotlight

By Vanna B.

I am from the southern state.

Where people craze the gamecocks.

I am from eating grits and bacon

for breakfast in the morning to chicken

for lunch and steak, green beans, and mash

potatoes for dinner.

I am from a daughter to a

sister, friend in need, learner teacher, and a

lucky pet owner.

I am from a basket ball

player to a artist, sleeper, loomer,

laugher, and a book nerd.

I am from hanging out

with friends in class to studying for

a hard test. I am from a writer, to a reader, to

a mathpation.

I am from being me to being me!

Ashley W

I am from Dutch Fork where all my besties are,from pancakes and sausages to going to bed with a smile on my face.

I am from my baby cousin Destiny crying at night to say my name with a smile on her face while waking up.

I am from dressing up to make Iam from my mom and dad telling me I’m the diva in the family to being a daddy’s little girl.

I am from going to school on friday to partying all night with my cousin quavon

I am from a wanna be beyonce to baby girl and will always be that little girl till the i die

Fundraiser Fun

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Wow!! Thanks for all the selling from our gracious families.

Cub Corps information session with Mrs. Beckman

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Ask your kiddos about the fun opportunities they were able to apply and interview for. We are so excited for the responsibility they will learn and service they can provide to our school community.

Exploring our Nature Trail & Outdoor Classroom

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