April 11, 2014


happy birthday Emma!

Emma was our star student this week! She is turning seven this Saturday and graciously brought pizza and donuts to share with the class. She also brought many photos of her family and even her favorite stuffed animals for us to see. Thanks Emma! We are glad we got the chance to celebrate with you!


I must say, the student-led conferences were so extremely rewarding! What a gift to be able to see you interact with your children in such a way that allowed them to lead and share their work! I loved seeing them take ownership over our classroom. Thank you to ALL of you for coming and taking the time to listen and learn from your child. I feel truly honored to have been a part of it.


We made our final drafts of our how-to stories this week. The students used construction paper to make brochures as a fun way to present the explanatory steps. I appreciated their creativity and the way so many of them took their time and wrote carefully.


Math in unit 8 so far has been about money. We reviewed the coins and introduced the dollar. The students were quick to understand that 114 cents is the same as $1.14. We talked about the decimal point and how it represents the difference between dollar and cents. We used coins to also help us add large numbers. We found items around the classroom and gave them a price and then "bought" two items at a time. For example,

I have a book and paper clips. 50 + 25 = 75 I paid 75 cents.