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September 11, 2013



o Start on time and end on time.

o Remain on topic as a group with no sidebar conversations.

o Participate with fidelity and follow through.

o Honor confidentiality.

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Barrington Public Schools Elementary Curriculum Updates 2013-2014


Screening and Progress Monitoring

K-5 for 2013-2014 Screening/Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring Assessment guidance can now be found on BPS RTI Live Binder. Click Link below.

ELA Common Assessments

The common assessments that are part of the new ELA Curriculum are in development and will be ready “Just in Time” for you to use with your students as outlined in the curriculum map. Principals will begin to share out about SLO ELA assessments within the next few weeks.

Running Records

Each building grade level team will use running records to monitor the reading progress of their students. The grade level team can choose either “Reading A to Z” or “Read With Me”

http://readwithmeapp.com/ as the tool to use. Reading Specialists will be providing guidance and support at each primary school building on the use of these. If A to Z is selected, only the scoring documents will be printed. Readwithme requires no printing.

Instructional Resources


Handwriting Without Tears instruction will still be used. Teacher manuals can be ordered if needed. However, individual student workbooks will not be used with the exception of use with students who evidence fine motor needs and would benefit from an individual student workbook. Handwriting Without Tears paper can be ordered if needed.

Scott Foresman Reading materials

Stories from the series can be utilized when appropriate to help student reach the standards. Assessments and story questions will no longer be used as they are not aligned with the Common Core standards and future PARCC assessments.

Anchor Texts

As part of the new ELA Curriculum, each grade level will be provided with at least 3 fiction and 3 nonfiction anchor text. Some of these have already arrived in the buildings and some are still in transit but have been ordered. An anchor text is a common text that all students at the grade level have access to either through a read-aloud or an independent read. Students will access some anchor text with independence while some anchor text, students will need support with.

In addition to anchor text, the curriculum documents include suggested text for each unit.

Grade 1 Texts

Texts have been ordered and are on the way.


Collaborative teams are encouraged to develop lessons together to address the standards in each unit. The two resources below are helpful for lesson planning.

Engage New York http://www.engageny.org/english-language-arts

Teachers Reading and Writing Project http://readingandwritingproject.com/

Implementation Support

We are looking for two reps from each grade level at each building to serve the role of “point person” to help facilitate communication around curriculum and assessment during this busy implementation year. These reps would help to facilitate the grade level team work that involves ELA and Math in each building. These reps would meet periodically as a district group for both ELA and Math to ensure district alignment. Please let your principal know if you are interested.

Please use some of your collaborative team time to digest the curriculum documents in Aspen for shared understanding of what the students at your grade level need to know and be able to do.

Please reach out to the ELA Curriculum writers when reviewing and implementing this new curriculum for support and clarification.

Every month, the district will send an update with curriculum updates, news and guidance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Paula Dillon when you have a question or concern.

Volunteers Needed at Each Level to be Curriculum Caretakers for Math or Reading

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