Subtropical Rainforest

Sam Studer

These are the places where you will be in the subtropics

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The average temperature in subtropical rainforests are between 20°C-35°C (68°F-95°F). The subtropical rainforests are dry, have winter humidity, & there are always wet areas. The average humidity is between 13°C-17°C (55°F-62°F).


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The soil in Subtropical Rainforests are rich in clay & are highly leached. This soil is called, "Oxisols".

Animals that live in this environment

Animal Adaptation

Alligators are cold blooded which means that they can stand the warmer weather better than other animals plus, they can go into the water which cools them down whenever they do get hot.

Plants that live in this environment

Plant Adaptation

The sequoia has very deep roots which will allow them to access water that most plants can't get to & they will have much more than the other plants around them because all the plants roots are all next to each other which means that they have to get water quicker while the sequoia is having their own source of water.


The clothes that you should bring is jeans, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, boots, & lots of bug spray.


Stay from things that you don't know about & stay away from predators that could possibly hurt you(alligators, snakes, etc.)

Interesting things to do

Watch own the animals interact with other things, go cliff diving, & explore the environment.

When to travel

The best time to travel to a Subtropical Rainforest is between the summer & fall because of the mild temperatures & low humidity makes it a very comfortable for you & the animals are more active so if you like watching animals or anyone of these things, go during this time.

Threats to health

The most common threat to human health is the fumes of the plants/trees release into the air which may cause some diseases.


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