Child Abuse

By: Caitlyn Alewine and Cece Taylor


We all have seen news about young people getting abused,yet have you ever wonder if people you know have been abused,or ,or have had an experience with it ?Child abuse is when a child is hurt in any shape or , form. North America is losing an average of 4 to 7 kids a day. Often many kids are affected or,they think they have caused it . Many different types of child abuse can be done. Some parents have many reasons they do it, some people are even trying to find a way to cure this cure and that's GREAT!!!!

Body Paragraph

What is child abuse? Child abuse is a lot of stuff like : 1. Neglect, 2. Physical and, 3. Emotional this can hurt a child inside and, out. We all need to put a stop to this as soon as possible!! when kids get abused, "It is never there fault!" ("Abuse&Neglect"). When this happens to kids, they do terrible things that eventually come back on them to. Lots of kids that get abused they abuse there kids, or they do drugs when they get older. This abuse has put an impact on the child's life as soon asa they get older or,threw there teen years.


In Conclusion, everybody that is involved in child abuse either the kid or the abuser can have some more problems in the end. The child can have problems later either mental or many more with drugs or, other bad things. More than likely, the abuser will end up in jail or close to it hopefully they will learn there lesson and never do that again.The child will either end up with another close family member that will care for them and not do things to them or, end up i a foster care program waiting for there next guardian to come and get them. Foster care will be a safer place for the child waiting for the right home for them to go to. they will definitely have a hard time trusting you and listening because of what experience they have had in the past. To put a stop to it we can let the child know we will never treat them like they're before. So let's help those KIDS!!!



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