Benefits of B2B Cloud Service

Easy to handle future growth and demands from business

The responsibility for execution shifts to third party and it is driven by agreed timeline and SLAs


As the integration is guaranteed based on pre-defined SLAs


Level of Security can be defined by customer. Role based access for developers, support staff, admin, end users


Solution is scalable as per customer’s change in load demand


1. Highly customizable environment. Reusable components can be designed in collaboration with client’s architects

2. Business process workflow management, B2B, A2A, MFT and Portal integration can be provided as per client’s system landscape and design

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Cost advantage due to offshoring and consolidation in license cost

No Risk

1. No worries on client’s part for software and infrastructure upgrades

2. High availability, fail over, Disaster Recovery is provided by Cognizant. Customer doesn’t have to worry about installing and maintaining data centers

Metrics & Dash-boards

1. Cognizant can provide the metrics and analysis monthly / quarterly

2. Performance can be defined as per KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and guaranteed