Weekly Newsletter

Beginning of the Year

Dear Parents,

What great adventures we've been having here in the classroom. From cooking with our special guest, to establishing our rules through games and songs, children have demonstrated to enjoy every part of their preschool experience.

Children thrive in a well-ordered and predictable environment, where daily routines such as arrivals and departures, snack time, and toileting are dealt consistently by both teachers. Daily routines provide opportunities for children to learn more about themselves, the world and other people. Daily routines also offer children a sense of stability, and a feeling of warmth and caring from their teachers. The challenge is to develop appropriate daily routines for children which offer them a sense of consistency and security, yet remain flexible and responsive to the individual needs of each child. We will be building on this area in our daily routines.

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Morning Routines

Movement and Music

We started our week by looking at the different musical instruments that we have in our Movement and Music area. As the song "Mary had a little Lamb" played in the background, students had to follow the beat. Each one had a different intrusment during our morning discussion, but we encouraged them to use the instrument during choice time.


As routines are being established here in the classroom, we started talking about how each activity has a time during the day. We used the rythm sticks to follow the sound of the clock and the connected this activity to our daily schedule by couting how many activities we had during the day.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Our poem for the week is "Hickory Dickory Dock". We sang it during different parts of the day and also started making clocks using paint sponges.
Hickory Dickory Dock | Super Simple Songs

Small Groups

What can you do with your hands?

One of our class rules it to be respectful. To further understand this concept, we had children print their hands in a pieces of construction paper and let us know what is a positive action they can do with their hands. All answers were very creative!

Writing our names!

We started to write our names using finger paint!!

Let's tell time

There are different types of clocks that can help children tell time. This week we introduced sand clocks and studied which one takes more time.

Fun with our ABC!

Exposing children to different types of alphabets allows them to learn the alphabet at a faster rate. We start with identifying the first letter of our names and continue for the letters of the ones we know.

Special Visitor

Our special visitor this week was Judith mother, Mrs. Judith. She showed us how to make amazing "No Bake Brownies". It is an easy, healthy recipe that you can make with your children at home.

Outdoor Fun

Sharing is Caring!

As part of establishing rules at school, we focused our outdoor activity of this week to our rule "be respectful". Student had to ask in a nice way to their classmates if they could use the tricyles.

Healthy Choices

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This week's healthy choice is frozen banana Yogurt Bites. Place inside a cupcake baking tin your choice of fruit and then pour in any type of yogurt. When they are all filled up, put the tin in the freezer. They are deliciously healthy!!

Friendly Reminders!

  • On Monday we will have a Lock-Down Drill in the school to continue practicing our Emergency routines. The Lock-Down Drill includes children going to a safe area in the classroom and maintain quiet until they let us know that the school is safe from any danger.
  • Remember to always make healthy choices when it comes to your child's snack. We have been receiving cookies, cakes and many other bakes good that contain lots of sugar causing children to get distracted from their daily routines. If you need any ideas or tips just send me an email and I will help out as much as possible.
  • Please remember that children should not be at school if they are unwell or recovering from any illness. If a child is unwell we advise they should remain at home to rest and recover. We would recommend children be fever free, or free from stomach sickness or similar illness before returning to school. We appreciate your assistance in keeping our classroom happy and healthy for your child to enjoy.