An Online Assessment App

About Socrative

Socrative is a quick and easy assessment app that you can use in the classroom as an exit ticket, a summative assessment and more!

The Challenge

Follow these steps:

Search for the "Socrative Teacher" app on your iPad

Open the app and click the purple GET A FREE ACCOUNT button

Register your information

You will be assigned a random room number. To change this to something easier for you to remember click on Menu in the top right corner

Click on My Profile

Click in the room name box and change it to something easy to remember (I use my birthday 061284)

To Create a Quiz

Click on the blue Manage Quizzes button

Create Quiz (that you will use in the classroom)

Name your Quiz

Choose type of question you would like to add: Multiple Choice, T/F or Short Answer

Add at least 1 question (1 question could be used as an exit ticket after a lesson)

When you are done adding questions choose "Save & Exit" in top right corner

How do I share an assessment with my students?

Go back to your Dashboard in Socrative Teacher

Have Students open the "student" app on their iPad and enter your room number

Give students room # at the top of the app ex: 850807

(This # will always be the same for your class)

Choose Start a Quiz

Choose type of quiz: student paced w/immediate feedback, student paced navigation or teacher paced

Choose additional settings you would like at bottom

Hit start

Finish button when assessment is over

* You must turn in a report that was used with your students *

How do I get credit?

Email the report to yourself after selecting finish in the app & forward this report to Amanda