May 12th Newsletter

News from the Kindergarten Class


Elementary Spring Concert Videos

"Hound Dog"
"Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay"

Jump Rope For Heart Assembly

We had an assembly last Friday to celebrate a successful Jump Rope for Heart program! Some the kids who raised a certain amount were able to duct tape Mr. Buechel to a chair and also pie him in the face!

Reading and Writing

Over the past few weeks, we've been reviewing CVC, silent e, and long vowel words.

We also started talking about real and made up words.

In writing, we've reviewed how to make awesome, detailed pictures.


The kids took their 2D shapes test and it went very well. We went ahead and began our 3D shapes chapter. So far, the kids have learned sphere, cylinder, cone, and cube.

They have enjoyed pointing out these 3D shapes they see in the classroom.

Bugs and Zoo

Last week, we wrapped up our bugs unit by talking about bees and butterflies.

This week, we began to look at animals that we could possibly see on our zoo trip! We kicked off the unit by talking about what we already know about zoos. We read the book If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss. It's a silly story with A LOT of made up animals. The kids were able to draw their own made up animal they would have int heir zoo.

The animals that we focused on this week were hippopotamuses and giraffes.

Upcoming Dates


May 18th - Elementary Track Meet (K-2) @ 12:30

May 27th - Early Release @ 1:00

May 30th - NO SCHOOL

May 31st - Madison Zoo Field Trip

June 2nd - Kindergarten Graduation

Next Week

  • Zoo
  • "wh"
  • Sight Words: ten, gray